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The Stockist WooCommerce theme aims to encourage creativity in customer imagination, while visiting your ecommerce store. With a bold outlook and featuring several intuitive functionalities that will leave your customers browsing – leading to conversion. It has been styled for creativity alongside the optimisation of all notable Wooommerce features. In addition to being 100% translation-ready, a functional US English translation is provided so you can easily copy and paste to translate into a new language. The theme supports 4 different layouts and is production-ready, right-away. It’s quick and easy to install this theme, as is quick and easy to customise and adapt to your taste.


Stockist is a child theme of Productive eCommerce theme. Since a child theme depends on the parent theme to operate, Stockist theme depends on Productive eCommerce theme to function as a theme on a website. Therefore, you must get both themes when installing or activating the Stockist theme.


You can browse a live demo of the Stockist theme here.

The Theme Demo Importer

The fastest way to start setting up your website (with the theme) is to import the provided demo data. The demo will set up your website to look similar to our live demo of the theme, which you can use as a reference for adding content to your new website. You need to install and activate our free Productive Demo Importer plugin to complete the import.

About this documentation

This documentation site, which is only available in English language, aims to provide you with helpful instructions for setting up the theme. The documentation is relevant to both the Free and Pro (professional) versions where features that are only available in the Pro version are highlighted as (Pro only). As such, a pro-only feature may not be applicable, if you have the free version of the theme.


If you need support, you can get support in two ways, depending on the version you use.

  1. If you use the Pro version, please visit our support page to start a ticket or contact us for pre-sales questions.
  2. If you use the free version, please visit the support page on


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