A WooCommerce Child Theme
Stockist is a child theme for Productive eCommerce. It is a WordPress and WooCommerce theme that is designed to present online stores boldly, and visually appealing to your website visitors.
Version 1.0.4
Stockist WooCommerce theme aims to encourage creativity in customer imagination, while visiting your ecommerce store. With a bold outlook and featuring several intuitive functionalities that will leave your customers browsing - leading to conversion. It has been styled for creativity alongside the optimisation of all notable WooCommerce features. In addition to being 100% translation-ready, a functional US English translation is provided so you can easily copy and paste to translate into a new language. The theme supports 4 different layouts and is production-ready, right-away. It's quick and easy to install this theme, as is quick and easy to customise and adapt to your taste.   It is a child theme of Productive eCommerce


is a Child theme of

A Child Theme has all the features of its parent, in addition to it's own features. The Parent theme functions independently. But the Child theme relies on the Parent to function.

When you order a Child theme, you will receive two themes - the Child and its Parent.

System Requirements

  • WordPress 5.3 or higher.
  • Php 5.3 or higher.
  • WooCommerce 5.2 or higher (optional).

Theme Features

Our Standard Themes Features

All our themes (both free & Pro) have the following features, which we hand-crafted with a view to making our themes run your website as smoothly as achievable with today's technologies

Responsive Design
We employ a mobile-first approach in our designs, presenting stunning web pages across varous screen sizes.

Integration ready

Seamless integration with plugins and components that are compliant with WordPress's recommended practices.
Translation ready
Translate your site to multiple languages fast - our themes ships with a sample translation for you to copy and paste.
We pay extra attention to tick the boxes on WordPress-recommended best practices and coding standards.
Easy Installation
Our themes are highly configurable and they install with minimum efforts and clicks.
Flexible Layouts
Flexible architecture with multiple layouts and widgets across varous website pages.
Fast Support
We offer a complimentary customer support package to support all users our premium themes.
High Converting
Homepage with tactically placed Call To Actions (CTA), which are super easy to brand to yours.

Pro Features

Additional Features that are Available Only in the Pro Version

We group the Pro features as General, Header, Footer, and Others. Please select each tab below for details.

We Offer Complimentary Support

You can always request fast premium support with the Pro version. If you use the free version, you can get standard support, using the theme's page

Buy Pro

We offer complimentary fast support with our Pro Themes. To get fast support, click the contact us button, and select support.

Buy this Theme

Buy & Get All Features 100%
$ 39

One-time payment
  • Use on 2 websites
  • Lifetime usage of the Theme
  • 12 months updates access
  • 12 months customer support
  • Lifetime usage (it remains yours to use forever).
    12 months Free updates and free support.
    After 12 months, you can (optionally) renew updates and support at 50% discount

No Quibbles Guarantee

When it comes to customer service, we put everything on hold to make our customers happy. However, if in an unlikely situation, our product or service has not met your expectation, and you desire a refund, please contact us within 14 days of your order. First, we will work with you to resolve the issue. But we will issue 100% refund, if we could not resolve the issue. We can make this promise because we put our customers first, to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Find our terms and conditions here for the longer details.

Theme FAQs

Find below some common questions we have answered about our themes.
No If you buy one of our Pro child themes, the Pro version for both the child and parent themes will be available to download in your order confirmation email.
If you have an account, both parent and child themes will be available to download and to update in your account.

No. Once you download a copy, it will continue to work perpetually – it does not expire.

However, the ability to download updates and ability to contact us for support will end, after 12 month of the order date. Good news is that, you will be able to both support and updates, for a 50% discount of the listed price.

The answer to this question depends on the business requirements for your website.
We took the time to craft this theme where both the free and pro version share the same codebase but the pro version have support for more features.
Please compare the theme features and pro-only features to help you decide.


Whether you create an account or not, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to download.

However, there are benefits of having an account with us. These includes ease of updating, as we frequently add improvements and new features.

You get a chance to create an account when completing an order. In the checkout page, select the “Create an account?” checkbox.

If you use one of our Pro versions, we recommended an account. It will make future updates easier for you.

Instantly. You will be able to download the theme as soon as you complete an order.

Access to our support service.

You will be able to contact us to support you, if your are experiencing issues using our product.

Please note that the purpose of the complimentary support is to ensure that our product works correctly, with your system.

We accept payment with Paypal. Whereas, Paypal allow you to pay with creadit and debit cards, in addition to paying with your Paypal account.

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