About us

We support and inspire students to achieve academic excellence in their education.

What we do

  • We provide educational resources to support your academic success.
  • We manage the Quiz portal where students can practise and revise for their school work, home work, and exams in Math & English.
  • We publish and distribute educational materials, resources, and information that inspire success .
  • We provide access to competitively priced resources that are sourced from proven publishers and manufacturers.

What we offer

Our expertise is in supporting young students to cross their current stage of education to the next. In particular, we support our students to succeed at their secondary school-entry examinations, tests and interview process.

This platform includes information, resources, materials and assets will support students to prepare for exams including 11 plus, KS2 SATs, 6th grade, and Common Entrance exams. Feel free to login or register free of charge and start preparing for your exams.

With your free account, you can create account for up to 4 children. Each child, and you too, will have access to the free practice-style quizzes, and the revision-style quizzes in Math & English. In addition, you and each child will have full access to the mock tests. Should you need full access to the resources, feel free to subscribe here. All your students will have full access based on your subscription.

How it works

I'm a student

To take a quiz or a mock test, start here. Once logged in, you have access to the quizzes, mock test, and study resources. If you are under 13 years old, you need an adult to create an account for you.

I'm a parent/tutor

Parents/tutors can login or register free of charge. Once logged in, you can create free accounts for your students and follow the progress as they explore and succeed.