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About Our Themes

Our themes are developed ground-up to ensure smooth running of your website and eCommerce stores. Additionally, we offer a complementary customer support with all our themes

Responsive Design

We employ mobile-first approach in the design of our themes so your website will look stunning across varous screen sizes.

Integration ready

Seamless integration with plugins and components that are compliant with WordPress's recommended practices.

Translation ready

Translate your site to multiple languages immediately - our themes ships with a sample translation for your convinience.


We pay extra attention to tick the boxes on WordPress-recommended best practices and coding standards.

Easy Installation

Our themes are highly configurable and they install with minimum efforts and clicks.

Themes Options

Flexible design and content sections of your website homepage and several widgets in varous sections of the themes.

Open license

100% Open Source, ensures you can extends and customise to your taste with peace of mind.


Complimentary customer support for all users of our premium themes.

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Elementor Templates

Elementor templates work with any standard WordPress theme. They are functional, integration-ready, portable, and easy to set up, and built to impress your website visitors.

Fast Customer Support

Get a lifetime support when you order any theme paying. We will provide free technical support to identify and fix any issue relating to our theme.

Money back guarantee

When it comes to customer service, we put everything on hold please our customers.
However, if for any reasons our product or team has not met your expectation, and you desire a refund, please get in touch using the contact link below within 14 days of your order. It's that simple.
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