Prices for full access to the practice and revision resources

About the prices

We are offering full access, free of charge until 31st July 2019
Anyone over 13 years old can create a free account.
Login and create up to 3 student accounts for your children or students.
With your free accounts, you have access to over 550 free questions in various free quizzes.
If you need more than 3 student accounts, select a subscription with the desired number of students.
The prices are one-off, That is, after the 12 month, we will not renew your subscription or contact you for a renewal. But you can buy more subscriptions or upgrade anytime.

The prices

£10 - 3 students, Full access.
£30 - 10 students, Full access.
£60 - 20 students, Full access.
£90 - 30 students, Full access.
£150 - 50 students, Full access.

Why practise and revise here?

Spend only 10 minutes to practices.
Access to over 3000 excercises.
One account, practise on any device: website, IOS and Android.
Instant feedback, and a personal performance dashboard.
Collect awards and certificates.
We are one of the most competitively prices education platforms around.
Our users are thriving.