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Prep for common entrance and school-leaving exams.

How the mock tests work

Choose a subject above to go to the test page. On the test page, You can take a mock test in any of the 3 levels of difficulty - easy, standard, and expert. For all three levels, there are 50 questions, taken from the same question bank (there are thousands of questions in the question bank) - so the level of difficulty of the questions is similar. However, the difference is in the length of time you are allowed to complete the test (see details below).
To start a mock test in any of the three levels, choose the start button for the level. You can take mock tests unlimited number of times but you need the same start button to take each new test. The questions in a test are randomly selected from thousands of questions. So, you will get a fresh set of questions when you start each new test.

Test format

Format of questions (any level): Multiple choice, True/False, Fill the gap
Number of questions (any level): 50 questions
Time allowed (easy): 75 minutes
Time allowed (standard): 50 minutes
Time allowed (expert): 35 minutes
Supported Language (any level): English
Calculator allowed?: No
Textbooks allowed?: No
Suitability / relevance: Pupils preparing for common entrance exams such as 11 plus, 6th grade, KS2 SATs, ISEB, and other similar-level exams. The tests are particularly relevant to early secondary school students too.

Test levels

Level 1 (Easy):
At this level, for Math, you must complete each test in 75 minutes - that is, 90 seconds per question. For English, you must complete each test in 50 minutes - that is, 60 seconds per question. This level assumes you are a beginner who needs much time to review and work out answers to the questions.
Level 2 (Standard):
Complete each test in 50 minutes, for Math and 35 minutes for English. As your skills improve, you will find it easier to tackle tests at this speed, where you will have averagely, 60 seconds to solve each Math question and 42 seconds for each English question.
Level 2 (Expert):
At this level, you are given 35 minutes to complete each 50-question test in Math, and 25 minutes to complete each English test. That is, 42 seconds per question Math question and 30 seconds for each English question.
Remember, the time starts counting down once you start a test - good luck!.

About the mock tests

We took the time study the curriculum, requirements, and past questions of specific exams and have compiled exercises that will help pupils achieve success in these exams.
The mock test are powered by the same pool of exercises and questsion. The differences in the mock tests are reflected in the test conditions and criteria such as time to complete a paper and the number of questions in a test.
We are an independend educational service, we are not endorsed by or affiliated to any exams body. However, our resources are helping students achieve success. Our students have testmonies of success - they become skillful and confident at tackling tricky exams questions.