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A Parent

  • Login or register free of charge.
  • You need an email address to create your own account but email is not required for a child account.
  • With your free account, you can create and manage free accounts for up to 3 children.
  • Your children can start taking free quizzes and the free mock test with their free account.
  • You are welcome to subscribe for full access to the quizzes, and mock tests.
  • Once you subscribe, your children's free accounts (and yours too) will instantly upgrade to full access.
  • You can follow your children's progress on the web, tablet or mobile device using IOS or Android app.
  • Challenge yourself to a quiz - your account gives you access to quizzes and mock tests too.
  • Stay knowledgeable about the academic development of your child(ren) - our anlytics provides feedback, reports and insight into their perfomrnace and activities.
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A Student

  • If you are younger than 13 years, you need an adult to create an account for you.
  • Accounts are free of charge - ask your parent or tutor to create one for you
  • You can start taking free quizzes and the free mock test with your free account.
  • Ask your parent or tutor to subscribe, if you would like full access to all the quizzes and mock tests
  • As you complete more quizzes, you score higher grades, your school work is expected to become easier.
  • You get feedback and corrections to each quizz question. Active feedback and corrections with practice quizzes and the feedback is instantly availble after revision quizzes.
  • Improve as you go along - re-attempt any practice quiz until you are confident about yourself.
  • You can re-attempt the exact practice quiz unlimited times. With the help of the feedback, you become familiar with your mistakes and how to correct them when you re-attempt the same quiz.
  • Stay ahead of the class - you could take any quiz in any topic ahead of your class.
  • Feel cool about your awards - you receive certificates for achieving 100% in each topic.
  • Awards and recognitions are only avalable to subscribed users.
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A Tutor

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