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Drum Kit - Play Real Drum Set & DrumPad Game

Practise and play real drums and drum pad game with free music - Syntaxia Drum

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The sound produced playing this app is convincingly close to the real thing. I like the fact that users can play along some preloaded music too. When compared with other top similar apps, I develop an urge to have some gamification in the app - it will add more fun to it.

Brief Details

With this virtual drum app, you have access to a full drum set with realistic acoustic sounds. The drum kit includes Bass drum, Snare, Floor Tom, Low Tom, Hi Tom, Hi Hat, Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal.

You can select a song from the list of preloaded free music and play the drums along. This helps you structure your practice to specific tunes and build your confidence to play along other instruments, and more accurately, playing to a rhythm.

The drum pad game part is just for fun to challenge your reflexes - enjoy it.

Whether your thing is the drum pad, drum simulator, drumline, or just dancing to drum beats, you will find it in this app, Syntaxia Drum app.

** Install the Syntaxia Drums app - play and have fun to your beats.

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