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Times Tables Game

Learn, practise, and play the times tables with ease - improve your maths skills

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Good for practising times tables and earning points on the leaderboard.

Brief Details

Maths Times Table Game (TT Game) is designed to entertain all ages while learning and practising times table skills.

You can learn the standard times tables by selecting a number or you can challenge yourself by practising or playing the times tables as a game, at various skill levels (multiplication tables).

You can choose to play a games by age group or skill level.

Play by age group:
Age 4+ - play up to times table 10
Age 7+ - play up to times table 12
Age 12+ - play up to times table 20
Any age - play up to times table 1000

Play by skill level:
Easy: (0... 7) x (0... 10)
Medium: (0... 12) x (0... 12)
Hard: (0... 500) x (0... 20)
Hard +: (0... 5000) x (0... 1000)

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