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American Standard Version Bible (ASV) Read Offline

The American Standard Bible (1901) - several friendly and easy to use features.

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Nice Bible app.

Brief Details

This Bible app works offline with texts optimised to reside on your device, creating a steady Bible study experience. The App is provided free of charge with advertisement on most pages except the main Bible reading page. The main bible reading page is 100% free of ads, providing an uninterrupted bible study experience. However, you are welcome to get the ads-free version for a nominal fee. App's main features:

  • Switch to your favourite reading mode. You can choose between light mode (or day mode) and dark mode (or night mode).
  • Select to your preferred text size
  • Ability to select your preferred font.
  • Ability to bookmark verse and manage a list of your bookmarks
  • Ability to highlight verse and manage a list of your highlight
  • You can highlight in four colours: Green, yellow, blue, and green.
  • Free integrated Journal/note taker to take personal notes journal entries of your bible studies and sermon.
  • Select and share scriptures with your preferred social platform such as email, text, social media etc.
  • Easy to use and friendly to manage your bible studies in one place.
  • The app is free to use and keep and you can remove the ads within the app.

The American Standard Version Bible (ASV) is a translation of the Bible that was described as starting around 1870s and the old testament of the version in this app published in 1901. Below are some features of the American Standard Version Bible, based on the translation’s Wiki page, as of July 2020:

  • The divine name of the Almighty is consistently referred to as Jehovah in 6,823 places of the old testament, instead of Lord (when compared with the King James Version.
  • Compared to the King James Version, some references to ‘who’ and ‘that’ were replaced with ‘which’ in this translation.
  • Holy Ghost’ was replaced with ‘holy Spirit’
  • Addition of page headings.
  • Improvements to footnotes.

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