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Auto Shipping Method

Configure default shipping method and country for each store view so that a shipping method is automatically added to customer cart as soon as customer adds an item to basket. Customer can however change shipping method and country in shopping cart and/or checkout pages.
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Product Details

Automatically adds a shipping method to customer cart to ensure customer basket is always in stable state - default shipping country and default shipping method are pre-configured (in Magento admin). However if customer basket is not appropriate for configured shipping method, another shipping method is selected from the list of available methods. In addition, you can configure the extension to automatically detect customer country using IP address detection, based on MaxMInd Geo-location framework.

Why use this extensions

This extension makes it possible to suggest your preferred shipping method before customer decides. Also in cases where customer basket is shared with a third party system (such as warehouse/fulfillment department, this extension prevents unstable order state between the communicating systems.
All configurations are achieved within Magento admin and you don't need to write codes.


Admin -
Username - demo
Password - demo1234

Unique features

  • Automatically adds shipping method and country to customer basket.
  • No coding required - all settings achievable in admin.
  • Integrated GeoIP functionality.

Magento version compatibility

  • Community edition - 1.5+

Main Features

  • Individual store view can be configured to use separate default shipping method and country.
  • Automatically adds pre-configured default shipping method to customer basket.
  • Automatically adds pre-configured default shipping country to customer basket.
  • Automatically adds one of available shipping methods to customer basket (if your chosen method is not available to customer basket).
  • Automatically detects customer country and adds it to basket - this ensures that available shipping list are available in customer location.
  • Customer can accept or reject the automatic selections by choosing own shipping method and country in shopping cart and checkout pages.
  • Keeps customer basket stable and checkout-ready at all times.

Why choose our products?

  • 100% open source - codes and other assets including all .psd files
  • Conforms to Magento development guidelines.

Need further assistance?

We always provide friendly service. Should you need assistance to customise or install this theme, you are invited to contact us here.

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This extension works immediately following installation, I did not experience any problem whatsoever. So it has to be an all star for this simple extension by ProductiveMinds.
By Zoulmia (Posted on 6/14/2015)
Simple and useful. The developer has a great customer service.
By Willian (Posted on 4/21/2015)

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